Organisational Design

  • restructuring 
  • redundancy and retrenchment
  • leadership development
  • mergers & acquisitions

Leadership Development

  • coaching
  • mentoring
  • one-on-one development
  • group development

Coaching & Mentoring

  • leadership development
  • coaching
  • mentoring
  • one-on-one or group personal development

Change Management

  • review readiness 
  • develop strategy
  • implement strategy
  • review change

HR Management

  • redundancy
  • retrenchment
  • disciplinary hearings
  • dispute resolution
  • conflict management
  • mediation and arbitration

Family Business

  • succession planning
  • mentoring owners
  • mentoring directors
  • mentoring family

Hope is a Strategy

Leaders deal in hope. Hope is the belief that tomorrow will be better than today and that the rest of our life will be better than what we have already experienced. Transformation is the process of fostering hope by creating a vision of what that future should look like. Then share it with your community and working together towards it.


We have used this process a number of times and have literally watched organisations transform from a group of lukewarm supporters of progress to united, passionate, and committed team members. We believe most transformation initiatives fail, not because of the desire or will to change, but because of a lack of execution. We Need to Talk has worked wherever it has been implemented by balancing the theory and need to change with the practical requirements of implementation.

Our Specialties

Saige consults on HR matters from strategic HR development to organisational design. Saige provides a fully outsourced HR Function

Saige has extensive experience and a proven track record of advising entrepreneurs with their start-ups, assisting organisations to scale-up, reviewing organisations current design and strategy in order to optimise efficiencies, turnarounds, and business rescue. This is in the form of a complete in-depth organisational review including purpose, strategy, organisational design, finance & administration, sales and marketing, manufacturing, and human resources. Saige has considerable experience and expertise in family businesses. Assisting families in aligning the interests of the family with the goals of the business while ensuring effective succession planning.

Saige’s unique approach involves change management assistance, coaching and mentoring of organisations families, owners, directors and executives to ensure the comprehensive and successful implementation of the strategy.

Family Owned Business

We have extensive experience in supporting Family owned and run businesses. 


We understand the agriculture business and their needs


20 years experience in the education sector



With our extensive experience in small start-ups we are able to guide and support you.

“I would highly recommend the services of SAIGE Business Consulting. They have been involved with the Donald Brown Group of Companies for the last 5 years. The changes they have recommended and the input they have provided have made a big impact within the group. The business knowledge and expertise they have gained over many years coupled with an absolute passion for both business, people and knowledge, is providing good guidance and helping us to focus on a clear strategy for the business, and also challenging us to continuously make improvements and increase efficiencies within the business. SAIGE also helped us to implement more structure in the business, without losing the entrepreneurial spirit."

Willie Botha, CEO of Donald Brown Group

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