Meet Brian, our mentorship programme director

My 35 years of business experience together with coaching and mentoring skills, equips me to guide people through a process that brings about change. I help others to develop their potential; increase their effectiveness; sharpen their skills; and improve their performance. 

If you want to discover the best possible version of yourself, join me on a journey of discovering who you are when you are at your best and how to create more “peak moments” leading to success and self-fulfilment.


The single most important development in business in recent times has been the development of human capital. Firms are made up of people and often the only strategic advantage they have over their competitors is the quality of their staff. One-on-one mentoring has replaced the “one size fits all” leadership development program. Rather specifically targeted mentoring tailored made to need the specific requirements of the individual allow for the optimum and speedy development. At Saige we have mentors who have personal experience, insight, experience, wisdom and knowledge gleaned from having run their own successful businesses. Our proven track record and our clients testimonials are proof of the significant difference we have made in many individual and institutions performances.

meeting your needs

  • Private
  • Confidential
  • Customised to suite you
  • One-on-one sessions


The programme covers the following areas


Discovery is a process of self-reflection that aims at increasing your awareness of yourself. The purpose of this process is to discover your strengths. It is to look at them in detail and to gain a greater awareness of how they have contributed to your current success.


Examine the Ideal Self, your future projected best self. It answers the question, “What do I want to do with the rest of my life?” It needs to resonate deeply with your strengths and values. It is visionary and aspirational. It needs to inspire hope. It harnesses positivity, forward motivation, action and personal change.


Design is the third phase of the mentoring process in which you turn your well thought out dreams into action, by creating the considered steps and acts required. In this phase you move from thoughts to choices and then to action.


Destiny is a state of being that encompasses much more than the accomplishment of goals and implementation of designs - it is the liberating thought of endless possibilities. As we create a world of endless possibilities, we discover that our lives and destinies are always in the process of creation. Change is not only inevitable - it is a welcome condition of our lives that we must fondly embrace.

The programme is structured over twelve sessions of one hour each or customized to meet your needs. 


Brian has played a significant role in mentoring the directors of the company. He looks at the individuals, the board and businesses strengths and builds on them. He has added value to our business by asking challenging questions and testing the status quo in a supportive and consultative manner. We continue to use him to develop and implement strategy. He has been particularly useful due to his understanding of family businesses.
Willie Botha
Group Financial Manager,
The Donald Brown Group of Companies
“I have worked with Brian for a number of years. Initially on a one-on-one basis and later in developing and implementing organisational strategy. I enjoyed the way in which he continually highlighted and focussed on my strengths. These were used as the basis to achieve my personal and professional goals.”
Shaun Stuart
Alumni Relations Manager,
Stellenbosch University Alumni Department


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